Hair Transplant cost is very cheap in Turkey, comparing to other European countries that have a reputation in performing hair transplantation. A successful Hair Transplant price is almost twenty percent in Turkey, comparing to other European countries. Hair Transplant price in Turkey is not the only advantage, the results and success rates are also significant. For example, Hair Transplantation with 5000 Grafts is five times cheaper and three times more successful in Turkey, in the end of the day. An operation of Hair Transplant is performed with cheaper prices in Istanbul, comparing to Manchester, London, Glasgow or Edinburgh. This is why lots of people from British Islands or from anywhere in Europe come to Turkey for the Hair Transplant every year.
Average cost of Hair Transplant depends on the quality of the clinic and the price is generally between $2.000 and $5.000. However, there are some clinics in Turkey that have the best doctors and offer you very reasonable prices with all the vip service included from accomodation to transportation.
Hair Transplantation in Turkey is much more successful comparing to other countries in the world. The same quality is offered at least three times more expensive in European countries when you contact to them. It can be easily seen with a google search, “Hair Transplant price in Italy” for example.
In Turkey, there are clinics that charge you for the graft amount. But this is nonsense when you consider the details. In Turkey, Hair Transplant cost per graft is very cheap but furthermore, the quality also matters. So, you should prefer a clinic that has a reasonable price with the maximum graft amount possible in the transplantation.
“How Much is the best Hair Transplant in Turkey” is a popular question and the answer is, it is very moderate and the prices range from €1500 to €3000 with all the other services included. These prices are considered as the average cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey and the best doctors never overcharge you.
Hair Transplant in Turkey is a matter that is not only for men, but also for women. Consequently, the gender is not an issue when the success of the transplantation is considered. Hair Transplant Surgery cost in Turkey depends on the method and the quality of the clinic, which is quite independent from the gender of the patient.
To sum up, Hair Transplant is very comprehensive and successful in Turkey comparing to other countries. With all those advantages, it’s standing as the best option when a medical travel must be arranged.

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