Undergoing hair transplant for women to solve hair loss at all is more complex than it’s for men because of various skin and hormonal conditions that can influence women’s hair loss more than it would be for their male counterparts. As it is, hair transplant for women’s treatment options are not as numerous as they could be for men. The one option available for women is surgery. But surgery is definitely not the only option. If you’ve been dealing with thinning hair for some time, you know how costly it can be but if you don’t have the budget for surgery, there are other options available.
One of these options is utilising a new technology known as FUE hair transplant for women. FUE hair transplants work by taking hair from the recipient area, amplifying it using high-grade hair-growing cells taken from elsewhere on the body. The result is an almost instantaneous growth of hair in the recipient area which will continue to grow and look full and thick. Unlike FUE hair transplants that use a needle to transplant hair, FUE hair transplants do not require a needle because the high-grade hair-growing cells are placed into the scalp, just under the skin, so there’s no need for a long incision.
The good news about using FUE hair transplant for women’s treatment is that this treatment is not only effective but also very safe. Only small incisions are required and the procedure itself can be performed without too much pain. FUE hair transplant for women’s treatment is very popular because unlike many other hair transplant procedures, FUE hair transplant for women produces permanent results. Your hair won’t fall out. In fact, it won’t even fall out anymore because the FUE hair transplant for women system actually grows the hair follicles back into your scalp where they were before.

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