How long does shock loss last after hair transplantation? What causes shock loss? Shock loss is seen in who, is it a situation observed in everyone? 

What Is Shock Loss After Hair Transplantation and Why Does It Occur?

Shock loss after hair transplantation is a very normal situation, but it is a part of the process. If we consider the transplantation process in a broad spectrum, the transplanted hair is shed once in order to renew itself until the formation and development phases are completed. After hair transplantation is performed, it is the condition of cutting the connection with the hair by re-forming the root in the follicle, and after this loss, the attached grafts, namely hair follicles, regain the shedding in the natural cycle of normal hair follicles and the hair that grows after shock loss becomes permanent.

How Long Does Shock Loss Last After Hair Transplant? 

The shock shedding process is completely different from person to person. It usually starts after the 10th day, but can last until the end of the following 1st month. This is subject to flexibility and, as stated, varies from person to person. It may start later, may take shorter or longer.

Who Experiences Shock Loss, Is It A Condition That Is Observed By Everyone? 

Shock loss is seen in almost everyone who has a hair transplant. It is a natural part of the process and is considered normal. It is the sign of the transition of the grafts to the resting phase after transplantation. Although shock loss is seen in almost everyone who has hair transplant, shock loss, also known as the temporary shedding, is rare, but in some patients it is almost never experienced.

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Can Shock Shedding Be Visible During The Removal Of The Scabs? 

Shock shedding can also be seen during the targeted crusting condition on the ninth and tenth days after hair transplantation, but hair can also be palpated during washing. In this case, you should not worry about the lost hair, they will be replaced by permanent hair.

What Are The Psychological Effects Of Shock Loss?

Since shock loss after hair transplantation is normal and a part of the process, a person who has a hair transplant must be aware of the naturality of the event and they must accept it maturely and directly. Because people who experience shock loss after transplantation should not lose their enthusiasm for their new hair from a psychological point of view and not feel depressed.

Especially in our female patients who have had hair transplantation, the decision of transplant is based on psychological reasons. For this reason, it is necessary to be psychologically resistant and patience must be shown in the shock loss experienced after transplantation. It should never be forgotten throughout the process that a period of 10-12 months is needed for hair transplantation to show all its results.

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