Is unshaven hair transplantation possible? Can a hair transplant be done without a haircut? If you are wondering, Hair Transplantation without shaving head can be done according to the patient’s preference and the suitability of the hair.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Unshaven hair transplantation is a hair transplantation operation performed by shaving a small donor area determined at the back of the head. It is a method preferred by people with long hair, and in this way, the shaved donor area is camouflaged.

It is an operation performed using FUE as the method of removal and DHI as the method of transplantation. The method that is suitable for the patient is determined by the doctor and the patient is informed.

For Whom the Unshaven Hair Transplantation is Performed?

There may be patients who do not want their hair to be cut for the hair transplant operation in terms of their daily lives. As Istanbul Hair Lab team, we care the wishes of our clients and we perform hair transplantation operations by choosing the most appropriate method. To give an example in this context, some of our patient groups who prefer unshaven hair transplantation are as follows;

  1. Those who do not want to be seen with a shaved head
  2. Women who do not want their hair cut
  3. People who experience local hair loss in a certain area as a result of any discomfort or accident.
  4. People with hair loss only in the forehead area

Unshaven Hair Transplantation

How is Unshaven Hair Transplant Performed?

Consultation for unshaven hair transplantation is the first step for the operation. Details about the operation to be performed are determined in this step.

The first detail to be determined is the preparation stage by shaving an area up to 4 centimeters from the donor area, which is determined to remain on the back of the head after the hair is washed.

Hair follicles are collected from the shaved area with special methods. With the applied needle-free local anesthesia, the patient will not feel pain and ache.

With the DHI Transplantation method, which is preferred in Unshaven Hair Transplantation, direct transplantation is started after the extraction is completed and the channels where the grafts are planted are opened with special pens called Choi during transplantation.

The Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation

  • Those who have unshaven hair transplantation will not experience the social psychological pressure of hair transplantation as there is no need for a complete buzzcut applied in other methods.
  • Unshaven hair transplantation that is applied to the patients with long hair is not noticeable 10 days after the operation.
  • Our patients will have a much quicker transition to their daily social lives.
  • The crusts in the hair transplant area and donor area can be hidden very easily.

The Prices of Unshaven Hair Transplantation

Unshaved Hair Transplantation is a more special and more labor-intensive method compared to other applications. For this reason, there may be a small price difference compared to FUE Hair Transplantation and DHI Hair Transplantation method. If you contact us for pricing and details, we can inform you in more detail.

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