Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is the transfer process of the hair follicles of the person, which is done in order to find a natural and permanent solution to the problem of baldness in people who have experienced hair loss due to genetics or any other reason. Hair transplantation is performed by transplanting healthy hair follicles to the area where baldness is experienced by micro-surgical methods.

It is performed by adding the person’s own healthy hair follicles to the bald area.

How’s Hair Transplantation Applied?

  1. First of all, all hair transplantation processes are planned and applied individually.
  2. Generally, resistant and healthy hair follicles in the nape area are collected.
  3. Channels are operated in the area to be transplanted.
  4. Hair follicles collected from the nape area are added to the operated channels and hair transplantation is performed.

As Acıbadem Istanbul Hair Lab’s expert staff, which is among the best Hair Transplantation Centers, our most important goal is to work meticulously during the hair transplantation process to achieve the most natural appearance of the person.

To Whom Hair Transplantation is Applied?

Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone who encounters the problem of hair loss or baldness. Especially with the increase in hair loss in advancing ages, everyone can have hair transplantation, regardless of  being male or female.

Hair loss can occur for many reasons, such as genetics or various health problems. As a result of the expert doctor’s control and examination, Istanbul Hair Lab can successfully transplant anyone with healthy hair follicles in the donor area.

Hair transplantation is an important surgical procedure that must be taken seriously. In terms of minimizing the risks, it will be an important choice to perform hair transplantation in a hospital environment. It is an important point for hair transplantation results that the hair transplantation process is carried out by well-trained specialists.

If hair transplantation methods are applied correctly, the success of the hair transplantation process will increase. In addition, the blood supply of the area where the hair follicles are placed will ensure that the hair follicles hold well after hair transplantation.

Does Transplanted Hair Fall After Hair Transplantation?

The process after hair transplantation, that is, the fall of the transplanted hair, is one of the most curious issues. Hair loss within a few weeks after transplantation is normal and should happen. Because the hairy root is transferred during the transplantation process, it is expected that the old hair will fall out in a short time and the new and strong hair from the root will be replaced. After this temporary loss, the new hair will retain its character and will not fall out.

free hair analysis for hair transplant

Benefit from Free Hair Analysis

The spilled area and the donor area where the hair follicles will be taken are analyzed in detail by our experts, and it is decided which method to apply for hair transplantation. For free hair analysis, please contact us and book an appointment.

As Istanbul Hair Lab, we are always waiting for you as the best hair transplant center for before and after hair transplant.

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